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  •  Are you facing a home foreclosure?

  •  Is your car about to be repossessed?

  •  Are you burdened with credit card and other unsecured debts?

  •  Are you on the hook to IRS and/or the Franchise Tax Board for unpaid taxes?

  •  Are you in need of a thoughtful Estate Plan?


If you find yourself in any of these situations, let SelwynĄŻs Law show you how to keep your home and car, clean up your unsecured debt and deal with your federal and state tax issues so you and your family can get fresh start and get on with your lives. Selwyn's Law can also help you start planning for a brighter more secure financial future by helping you create the estate and tax planning tools you need to protect your assets of your choice upon your demise.


Selwyn Whitehead, Esq.,

JD, LL.M. Taxation Law, LL.M. JD, LL.M. Taxation Law and LL.M. Intellectual Property Law



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